Strata Cleaning

You might not owe anything to the tenants of your building but you do owe it to your building to get its common space cleaned. Mr. Cool Commercial cleaning company is the best strata cleaning Sydney Company to hire for the job.

No matter how hard you work to keep your indoors clean, it wouldn’t matter as long as you don’t get your outdoor common spaces cleaned. What you might be looking at directly when you leave your apartment is a mucky floor in the dry & windy seasons and if not that, then you might even spot grimy layer of soil and shoe traces in the hallway during the days when it showers. How awful is that, isn’t it?

So doesn’t matter if you are the contractor who runs the building or a group of people who have pitched in money to keep your vicinity clean, you must hire professionals for the job. That’s the reason why you should contact Mr. Cool Commercial Cleaning Company for your strata cleaning Sydney job, for you don’t want to start your day off with such nerve wrecking scenes early in the morning, now do you?

Have more questions about the Strata cleaning Sydney job? Call Mr. Cool Commercial Cleaning Company today to know more and get a quote.

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What is Strata cleaning exactly?

Strata cleaning Sydney is a common Australian term that floats in the market and means cleaning spaces of any building such as common hallways, elevators, swimming pool areas, lawns etc. So it basically involves cleaning of the subdivisions of a building which are used in common by the owners or tenants. The following services are usually included in the strata cleaning Sydney job-

  • Cleaning and repair services for your commercial buildings or residential buildings. Special care is taken to not end up causing any damage to the property.
  • Buffing and stripping of the floor depending on the various floor types followed by sealing the floors for extra layer of protection.
  • Vacuum cleaning for cleaning large areas and tough stains.
  • Cleansing and repairing the lights in the common areas of a building.
  • Pool and garden area cleaning and maintenance


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