Our expert team of professional takes care of the cleaning of various multi-storey buildings with major as well as minor factory sites with warehouses as well as equipment, car parks, bus stations, restaurants as well as major buildings for various government and property sectors as well as food and various other manufacturing companies. Commercial buildings are often a target of dirt and require the right amount of cleaning. The expert team at Mr Cool Cleaning Services Pty Ltd. takes care of various commercial areas offering premium services when it is the question of professional cleaning and maintenance.

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    We clean offices and medical centers with shops, clubs, hotels, warehouse, factories with showrooms or any business or commercial space. We try to accommodate you outside business hours to minimize the impact on your staff and customers. The good news is that we just do not clean the inside of the office space but tackle all the interior and exterior spaces: bathrooms, floors, surfaces and counters, windows and glass walls, garden maintenance as well as rubbish removal, exterior pavements, car parks, cobweb removal floors and more. We value customer satisfaction above all else and random spot-checks are performed by business owners to make sure the high standards are maintained. So hire us and get the best possible cleaning services.



    We believe in keeping a proper and professional tidy house. We love to keep a spotless house. With Mr Cool Cleaning Services Pty Ltd, you can expect to get a clean and tidy house offering premium services when it is the question of maintaining your house. In fact we also take care of the surrounding areas of your house keeping the areas clean and maintaining it the most right way. You will get the best possible results when your house will be professionally cleaned. Our cleaners uses extensive cleaning services which will surely clean your home in no time keeping all the surroundings neat and tidy.



    Keeping your residence clean is very important. Keep your home neat and tidy with our services. Your time will be freed up to meets the needs of the busy lifestyle. We walk around the home to conform the spaces to work upon with specific requirements to each customer with exact service which they are looking for, since everybody has their own requirements about what work that needs to be carried out with getting the job done. The staffs are trained in dangers of cross-contamination and certainly know how to eliminate it. We will clean the fixed areas to stop the spread of germs to certain area.


    carpet cleaning

    Our teams of professional are experts in cleaning carpets with the right cleaning machines and vacuum cleaner. In fact steam cleaning is much more preferred for carpet cleaning. With latest technology and services, we take care of best cleaning processes, equipment and training. Our carpet cleaning along with upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, leather cleaning are the best services in the industry with specialized cleaning for all fiber types with exclusive furniture protection. We protect you from exclusive stain resistance giving your carpet the long life which is surely needed.



    We clean various types of windows along with glass-like surfaces for both residential and commercial properties. With the use of our special pole brush system, we can reach to 5 stories with no ladders which will save you the labor costs. We can also use water purifier system which means that your windows will be dry clear with no chemicals. The most important reason for glass maintenance is to avoid degradation. Glass will over time be contaminated with various hard minerals. That is the reason why glass needs to be restored to avoid regular cleaning.



    We clean up the mess which the builders usually leave behind. If you are a commercial builder or any real estate agent or another profession, our experienced team will take care of all the interior as well as exterior cleanup needs. The cleaning of builder differs from the process of general cleaning. We take special responsibility of removing construction residue such as paint, silicone and splatter to name a few. We take up and offer our services in the most casual way possible so that there is no disruption of the industrial work or processes. We offer 100% guarantee on the services that we offer so be reassured of the services.


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